The Paleo Diet: Lose Weight – Get Healthy by Eating the Foods

the paleo diet


Part One: Understanding the Paleo Diet Introduction

Chapter 1: Not Just Another Low-Carb Diet

Chapter 2: The Ground Rules of the Paleo Diet

Chapter 3: How Our Diet Went Wrong and What You Can Do About It

Part Two: Losing Weight and Preventing and Healing Diseases

Chapter 4: Losing Weight the Paleo Diet Way

Chapter 5: Syndrome X: The Civilization Diseases

Chapter 6: Food as Medicine: How Paleo Diets Improve Health and Well-Being

Part Three: The Paleo Diet Program

Chapter 7: Eating Great: What to Eat, What to Avoid

Chapter 8: The Paleo Diet User’s Manual

Chapter 9: The Meal Plans for the Three Levels of the Paleo Diet

Chapter 10: The Paleo Diet Recipes

Chapter 11: Paleo Exercise

Chapter 12: Living the Paleo Diet

Appendix A: Acid-Base Values of Common Foods (100-gram portions)

Appendix B: Comparison of the Total Fat in Domestic and Wild Meats

Appendix C: Practical Implementation of Parts of the Paleo Diet on a Global Scale.

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