Star Wars Origami – 36 Paper-Folding

star wars origami

Star Wars Origami – 36 Paper-Folding

Star Wars origami- Kids love origami–and what could be cooler than transforming a piece of paper into Boba Fett, Princess Leia, Yoda, or R2-D2?

And not just any paper, but custom-designed paper illustrated with art from the movies.

“Star Wars(R) Origami “marries the fun of paper folding with the obsession of “Star Wars.” Like “The Joy of Origami” and “Origami on the Go,” this book puts an original spin on an ancient art.

And like “Star Wars(R) Scanimation(R) “and” Star Wars(R) Fandex(R),” it’s a fresh take on “Star Wars” mania.

Chris Alexander is a master folder and founder of the popular  and here are 36 models, clearly explained, that range in difficulty from Youngling (easy) to Padawan (medium), Jedi Knight (difficult), and Jedi Master (tricky ).

A front section introduces origami definitions and basic folds. Bound in the back is the book’s unique folding paper, two sheets for each figure.

Illustrated with original art, it makes each creation–the essential lightsabers, the Death Star, and much more–true to the movies.”Star Wars Origami” includes a foreword by Tom Angleberger, author of the “New York Times bestseller.

The Strange Case of Origami Yoda” and “Darth Paper Strikes Back,” and is scheduled to be published at the same time as Angleberger’s upcoming book, “The Secret of the Fortune Wookiee.”

Chris Alexander started doing origami at four years old. From that point forward he has made many unique plans, a considerable lot of them Star Wars themed. He has an enormous Star Wars fan base and visits the nation collapsing at shows and exhibition halls. He lives in Lancaster, California.

Kids don’t need the Force to fold 36 amazing Star Wars creations out of paper; they just need their imagination and these visual step-by-step instructions. The full-color book includes images from the movies and fun information on the characters!

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