Flea Market Secrets: An indispensable guide


Flea Market Secrets: An indispensable guide to where to go and what to buy.

Geraldine James is real flea marketing professional. She begins flea market secrets with the 10 Golden policies from arriving early and understanding how to work the stalls to education your eye to spot treasures amongst the garbage.

The subsequent chapters on china and glass, textiles, fixtures, metallic, artwork, earrings, and gardens explain what to shop for, what to disregard, a way to clean and restore, and when to call within the offerings of a healing expert.

There’s advice on the way to show your reveals and the way to build a collection.

In the end, there’s an in depth listing of Geraldine’s favorite flea market, from round pinnacle in Texas and Los Angeles Rose Bowl, to the markets of Paris and the south of France and the country cities of Britain.

Vintage, unfashionable, uncommon, quirky, and one-of-a-kind of these kinds of words flawlessly describes the bounty to be observed at a flea marketplace.”

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About Author:

Geraldine James began her profession in style as a present day dressmaker client, and from style she moved to home and present.

Geraldine quickly developed a ardor for accumulating and finding the most uncommon and exquisite things.

She now works as a domestic buying manager at Selfridges and, as part of her position, spends time traveling notably to discover thrilling new merchandise for the shop.

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