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" Mistress of The Ages (In Her Name, Book 9) by Michael R Hicks. $4.95 from
In the final volume of THE FIRST EMPRESS Trilogy, young Keel-Tath and her handful of followers must face the might of the Dark Queen and the ancient evil unleashed from Ka'i-Nur. But the pain and suffering she must endure pale against the unspeakable betrayal that awaits her.

The Books of the Dead Parts 1-6: Vesik Books 9-14 by Eric Asher. $9.99 from
Damian Vesik is lost, trapped inside a corrupted shell of his own power. The Mad King is coming to claim his necromancer. With time running out, it falls to Damian’s allies to save their chimichanga-loving friend as he teeters on the edge of oblivion.

Dreams of the Forgotten Dead by Eric Asher. $5.99 from
A hope lost. A fury reborn. An ancient warrior awakens. Damian Vesik is back ... but his time in the Abyss changed him. As he grapples to understand his oddly fluctuating powers, a call from his trusted mechanic, Samir, is the last thing he needs. But the strange occurrences at the autobody shop can’t be ignored.

The Man Who Found Birds Among the Stars, Part Eight: Rare Birds by Lorinda J Taylor. $2.99 from
First contact has taken place and the occupants of the alien ship are giant Birds. While nothing could make Capt. Robbin Nikalishin happier, the Ariana remains marooned on a moon in the Epsilon Eridani system and is running out of oxygen.

An Artist Isn't An Island by Marques Vickers. $5.98 from
A Writer’s Barbed Recollections of Herron Island, Washington: This edition is a brutally candid confessional on the misconceptions regarding an idyllic lifestyle practiced on a Western Washington island. Herron Island supports a permanent population of 150 with residential properties spread over 300 acres.

Human Complications by Dex Campbell. $20.00 from
HUMAN COMPLICATIONS is a short story collection composed of two mundane fantasy stories and a realistic fiction story, featuring a newly revived zombie, an arrested Bigfoot, and a motel air conditioning unit.HUMAN COMPLICATIONS follows three different types of relationships that all In "Dancing Corpse,"

The Scars of Gaia by R.P. Lauer. $4.99 from
One nation values strength, the other knowledge; both believe they follow the true path of God. A merchant and a scientist put aside their nations' rivalry and learn about trust, love, and compassion, only to learn truths that will tear their world apart.

The Third Gate to Hell by Don Reichardt. $8.99 from
The Third Gate to Hell leaves the reader haunted by the question: How can a young man from admirable beginnings, a natural born leader with a keen intellect and panache, cheat and steal his way to self-destruction? The story is true; names and locations have been changed in deference to those left in the wake of the real Will Martin.

Only Sofia-Elisabete: A Magical, Coming-of-Age Historical Romance That Sweeps from Spain to Scotland by Robin Kobayashi. $5.99 from
A heartfelt and funny story of a British-Portuguese girl coming of age in 1825, this magical realism drama, adventure and romance sweeps from Spain to the Scottish Hebrides.

Digging Up Dirt by B L Els. $0.99 from
One body leads to another and a can of worms is opened. The pieces of the puzzle start slotting in to place as Oslo heads up the investigation. Holding on till the bitter end, Duncan realizes he has to let go of what would have been his inheritance. Not able to make the payments of the property,

Dauntless (The Dauntless Series Book 1) by Riddy Antwi. $2.99 from
Hakeis is pardoned from execution and sent on a dangerous mission beyond the safety of Cardia’s walls along with a small team of well skilled knights. Their mission; to find and retrieve a legendary weapon which had been lost ..

$ave Your City by Michael Riley. $8.99 from
Governments and institutions manage assets which businesses would love to use. These assets can give marketers access to prospects they wish to convert into customers. This book identifies dozens of examples of such assets, and the terms that can be negotiated to gain more revenue for their owners.

Dark Toll by Warren Ray. $4.99 from
Someone is spying on them. But who is it? Can they use it to their advantage? Winters must keep their plans close to the vest after suffering a major blow costing them lives. This fatal error weighs him down as he is forced to revisit his past. Can he move past this in time? Dark Toll is Book 4 in The Shadow Patriots series. Pick it up today!

Ambassador 12: The Unfolding Army by Patty Jansen. $5.99 from
Cory needs to join old enemies to fight the drone invasion of Earth by the rogue SCAC. Not everyone is on the same page, and the risk of defeat is great.

Kindred Spirits by Vincent Berg. $7.99 from
Logan and Leslie Sykes were always close, but once Aiesha joins them, they discover they share more than just one another, drawing unseen spirits to them. They wrestle with their new abilities and overlapping auras, deciding what sets them apart, how to control it and determining just how dangerous it is.

Sasha's Cold Case and Other Stories by Janeen Harlow. $5000.00 from
SASHA'S COLD CASE AND OTHER STORIES is a collection of flash fiction short stories in the mystery/drama genre written by Janeen Harlow.

The Analyst by Manu D. $6.99 from
In the year 2000 RAW Undercover Agent, gets information about blast happened in the Syria to his Chief Srivastav in RAW. At the same time Blast occurred in the India and in which Uday wife and his daughter died in that blast.

Dead Dwarves Don't Die by Derek Prior. $5.99 from
Nameless finds himself aboard a ship bound for the Feasting Hall of Witandos, but disappointment, rather than beer, awaits him, along with a mountain of unpaid penance.

Agenda Part 2 The Gematria Codex by Adrian Holland. $2.82 from
The Greys and their minions use a secret code to communicate their plans. Can the code be broken, and can they be stopped before humanity falls under their control…

Claiming Mia by Deanna L Rowley. $2.99 from
Mia Cunningham and Eagan Davenport met in college and fell instantly in love. They lived in their own happy little bubble, not knowing that someone close to them plotted to break them apart. The evil coming their way doesn't rule out murder.

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