Erotic Dreams: The Secret of Women’s Hidden Passions


Erotic Dreams: The Secret of Women’s Hidden Passions


An in-depth analysis of women’s sexual dreams and daydreams-plus erotic dream interpretation tools for readers.

Erotic dreams are normal and they run the gamut from thrilling to shocking, and everything in between-but they don’t necessarily mean something is lacking in real-life physical or emotional relationships.

Sometimes these personal fantasies address issues of career, self-esteem, friendship, and even faith. In this provocative and informative guide, dream expert Dr. Gillian Holloway gives readers the tools they need to interpret their own sexual symbols.

She also explores the twenty-five sexual themes that most commonly pervade women’s dreams-and what they can reveal about personal needs, cultural notions, and pathways to improving life and relationships.

Dr. Holloway provides keys to assessing the gifts that erotic dreams and fantasies offer for improving relationships, understanding ambitions and desires, and avoiding heartache.

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