Blue Book Dolls – Values by Jan Foulke


Blue Book Dolls – The first, favorite, and most trusted price guide for all types of dolls is more colorful and reader-friendly in its 16th edition.

It is organized into an “Antique” section and “Modern” section. The Antique section covers the manufacturers of bisque, china, wax, wood, cloth, and papier-mache dolls from the 19th and early 20th centuries.

The “Modern” section covers the doll artists and makers of composition, hard plastic, vinyl and more.

The 16th Blue Book features an easy-to-use index arranged alphabetically by manufacturer and has over 500 photographs – all in color This reliable and authoritative doll price guide has been chosen by collectors as the #1 price guide they trust and have used for 30 years.

The Blue Book is considered the “bible” with collectors and is the one doll book that is used whether you have one doll or an entire collection of antique or contemporary dolls. This is the one book that doll collectors cannot live without it.

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